Tuesday 5 April 2011

Adventures of a Bacon Curer

This is not a woodworking post but I read these books and fell in love with them. I read them both too fast (my wife is always moaning about my consumption of books!) and although technically not brilliantly written (more how you'd say it rather than write it) they are just lovely to read.

These books are about Maynard Davis, a man love who loves his trade and the right way of doing things. They are basically memoirs of his career and follow him from starting as an apprentice all the way to retirement. He is known as the last apprenticed bacon curer and he doesn't want his trade to die with him.

The book is made up of lots of little snippets of his life, all the stories are interesting, some funny others moving. I really felt an affinity with Maynard and I'm sure anyone who has studied (and loved) a trade will as well, although it does make me long to be a part of the past I know I never can be!

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  1. Few folks know much on that subject anymore. It's good it's being kept alive.


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