Wednesday 28 March 2012

Utility Room Revamp

Nice Utility room revamp finished last week (except for some key hooks and stain).
This involved replacing a old fire door with an oak ledged door and antique style hinges and latches, removing all the old units and replacing with some solid pine ones, I didn't make these but fitted them and I made the corner unit to match, as well as another cupboard door on a different unit. I persuaded the customer to go for a granite worktop as its in a high traffic area and it wasn't much more than a long lenght of chipboard worktop, but it looks a hundred times better! For this I made the template for the granite company to save the customer money and speed the process along.
door made on site to match the others

Corner unit made on site to fit the space available

New Utility units with granite worktop

Key holder, letter tray and coat hooks, all lovely oak, yet to have finish applied

New Oak Door fitted with antique style hinges (not sure why it keeps loading this way round!)

Antique brass bell sourced and mounted on a oak plinth as the finishing touch
I also made a few accessories, like the brass bell plinth outside and the key holder (hooks to be fitted), letter tray and coat hooks. I should have taken more before photos but i think it all looks quite posh now!


  1. Your laundry room turned out great. Your wife must be so pleased. Terrific job! Your newest follower Steve
    I'm new at blogging, just started, but come on over and pay me a visit.

  2. cheers for the comments guys -
    "Woodworkin' & Good Eats" I'm afraid its not my utility room, I wish I had that much space! I like the boat on your blog, looks like a nice project.


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