Friday 2 March 2012

A Woodturning Workshop

The last couple of days have been a nice change from the wet room and other projects to help a fellow pupil from wood turning classes build his workshop.
Removing the bricks from an old pond was easily the hardest part of the job, over two hours with a kango - some of the hardest mortar I've ever encountered!
As this was a log cabin style workshop kit, once we'd got the base in the frame went up quite fast - it just slots together, although the instructions weren't that clear!
By the end of the second day (most of the first was spent sorting out the base and getting the frame half up) We'd managed to get it water proof (minus the doors) and I'd made a start on fixing the singles to the roof.
The shed kit seems good quality, built out of thick timber with lots of insulation it will be a great place for Paul to spend evenings wood turning and with my workshop-less situation I'm quite jealous of all that space he's got to fill.

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