Thursday 8 March 2012

Working In A Rural Area

I'm a bumpkin and I love working in rural areas, and this weeks been no exception.
It did make me smile when I went in to a local builders merchants to buy some scalpings (a type of stone) today and I asked if they sold it in little bags
"Nope only by the ton" said the old chap behind the counter
"Nothing smaller?" 
"We could sell you a tractor bucket full"
The old builders yard, smack in the middle of this little town
I knew then this was my kind of place!
In the end they sold it to me by the bag so long as I filled them myself. I had five bags full, but just like the old fashioned place it is they lent me the shovel and no one checked on me when I was finished, just help yourself and they trust you to do the right thing.
Filling bags myself
Places like this make can make you feel like you're in a time long forgot - and I love it. Much nicer than going to a multinational chain store.


  1. Down our way, we wouldn't ask nor pay. Just help ourselves and run!!!!

  2. I've worked in those areas Mike - I know! This is much nicer and relaxed. They dont even lock up half of the builders yard!


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