Sunday, 6 May 2012

What? No Picture?

Well for last week I've been in a high security prison and I'll be there for a few more weeks yet. I should stress that I'm working there not doing hard time!
Although the job is quite far from glamorous I wasn't really in a position to turn the work down.
There's quite a few downsides to this job, I can't take any pictures of the work we're doing (for obvious reasons) but we're basically removing 8 suspended ceilings and replacing them with timber ones. I'm running the job and its a nightmare to organise deliveries at a certain time and the materials can only be outside for so long - the companies supplying the good never quite understand until their delivery has been turned away.
On the plus side our guards are nice enough and it's certainly an interesting place to work. Shame it's taking me 3 1/4 hours to drive home each night - long enough to put a dampener on any job!
Anyone else worked in an "interesting" place?


  1. I think we'll have a hard time competing with that one!

  2. Thats a long commute mate I am really lucky with only living 10 minutes away from work. Anyway you do a good job and Im sure they will let you go :)

    1. Yeah not a fan of long drives, but to convince me I get to use one of their vans and a fuel card reducing my overheads by quite a bit. The week before I did some work in the next village. Every month brings something different!

  3. Alviti,
    I've worked at prison too, though on the roof so we get a wee bit more freedom outside. As for "interesting" places, th most interesting was a livestock disease research facility run by the USDA. Before getting on the boat (yes, it had its own island), I had to sign a waiver saying I wouldn't go near livestok for 2 weeks.

    1. Living in the countryside I dont think I could take the job on the "island" and stay away from livestock, although that sound interesting (but maybe a little too much like the start to a horror movie!).
      The worst is when we're locked in there's no windows so we dont see any daylight except on our breaks - the roof would be much better!


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