Thursday 31 May 2012


With the structural work of the prison ceilings done I decided it was time for a change. I had enjoyed the prison job and it was a very different experience (counting tools in and out, etc) but the drive was killing me and there was only boarding left which could be left to labourers.
I'd had a phone call a few weeks earlier from a carpenter, who I knew from when I was an apprentice, offering me some work in a large house that he is renovating . He wanted people who could put quality first and had experience of working on large high spec projects. The job sounded right up my street so I jumped at the chance.
The location is beautiful, with rolling Herefordshire countryside all around, miles from anywhere - very different to working in Birmingham, no need to lock the van here!
Studding under the roof truss
I started on some large stud work under a roof truss.
Using a chalk line to line up the noggins
I'm pretty sure there's no more enjoyable prospect than a pile of clean straight 4x2, a nail gun, a mitre saw and some stud walls to put up.
High ceilings make it interesting
Adding the ply which is part of the sound proofing for the room
I do love being a carpenter! I had a great couple of days and I'm going back after the bank holidays next week. Hopefully there will be some more jobs like this to get my teeth into.
Anyone else got a bit of their job they love?


  1. Working in a prison sounds a little scarey to me. How many gates were locked behind you before you got to your job site?
    Hey, have you checked out Steve's motorcycle rocking horse. At Woodworkin & Good Eats, Very cool! Have a great day, Connie :)

  2. Thanks for your comment. The prison wasn't too bad if you dont mind inmates shouting abuse at you! I love the rocking motorcycle - I also see on your blog the little oven set he made. I might have to make one for my daughter one day!


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