Wednesday 6 June 2012

How To Patch A Floor

Removing or moving a wall can sometimes mean that a floor has to be repaired. This is what happened today at work.
the area that needs some new boards
The repair was to be over a small area, ideally I would have preferred to take out a longer section of flooring and replaced the boards over a larger area. But this area is going to be carpeted and the two sets of boards in the different rooms don't match up (in line or thickness) so we decided this was the best course of action.

Both sides trimmed out to finish half way on a joist

To start with I removed any nails I could before using the circular saw to cut the floor boards back so the ends finish half way on the joist, this means that the boards have something to rest on and they are supported. Make sure your saw is set only to the depth of the boards or you'll be weakening the joists!
The floor boards in the different rooms are different thicknesses meaning one side had to be packed

The one room has floor boards a slightly different thickness to the other so I had to use packers to bring it to the same level (you can just make your own out of wood, but these plastic packers are great as they come in different sizes and are ready to use).

All screws have to be pilot holed and countersunk so the boards don't split

I fixed the boards as I went and as the screws are near the edge of the boards they all had to have a pilot hole and countersink to save splitting the wood. I also made sure that all the original boards I cut were fixed down as well as I had removed some of the nails from them earlier.
The finished repair ready for carpet
A basic repair but when it has carpet on top no one will ever know I've been there!


  1. I am in awe of anyone who can measure accurately enough to do a job like that. I just never seem to get it quite right.

  2. Just cut it slightly bigger. With wood you can always take more off but you can't add it back on!

  3. Hi Kev, thanks for the kind words. Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog.


  4. The problem with removing a wall is that it leaves a gap on the floor where the wall once stood. Replacing the whole floorboard will be too time-consuming and requires too much effort. So covering over the gap with wood, would be considered a good move. Don’t worry about how the floor looks, even if you don’t plan to put on a carpet. You just have to apply the same color tone of varnish as the original floor, to the new floor and it will look as good as new.


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