Sunday 17 June 2012

Changing Glass And Parking Far Far Away...

My wife accuses me of liking "quirky" jobs or locations. Well this one fits the bill. The job is to remove the glass from some windows and then tidy up the frames ready for new glass to be fitted, this is simple enough.
I've left this picture high resolution - see if you can spot how far away I've had to park my van!
The difficulty come in getting to the job. The van has to be parked miles away, you walk up a steep shared drive (with very little parking) then you walk up a muddy track to the house.
The main track leading up to the house
The walk is worth it as the house is in a wonderful spot with views stretching across the Herefordshire countryside, you can watch a storm blow in from miles away right in front of your eyes.
Beautiful views across Herefordshire
I've been to this job a couple of times now (trying to fit it in around my other work) and the glass is coming out slowly. The first two pains I managed to cut the silicone and remove the glass in one piece but the next six a more aggressive approach had to be used. I donned safety glasses, gloves and made sure I had long length sleeves on my shirt before using the last resort way of taking glass out - with a 20oz claw hammer.
Sometimes there's only one way to remove glass from a window...
The customer also wants me to make a two flights of stairs for the house. I've very little time free at the moment (which is good) but I hate to turn work down and these would be interesting as I'd have to assemble them on site due to how far they'd have to be carried. Still there's quite a bit of glass to come out before I need to think about that!
Broken glass - one of the sharpest substances on earth
Anyone else got a long walk to a job?

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  1. Howdy Kev, my dry rubs are pretty much always a mixture of commercially available spices. Sounds like you ate as well as we did for Father's Day!

    Your part of the world sure is beautiful. I would love to walk up that muddy path and get to see all the beauty you see. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Steve.


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