Tuesday 31 July 2012

Cut Roof On A Steel Frame

If you've been following the blog you're know I've been doing quite a bit of roofing lately.
This is our latest one (with the other carpenter on site):
The Orangery

Good view of the new roof
 Quite an interesting roof as the one side is fairly normal, except it sits on a wall plate we had to bolt to the steel and the top has to notch around the ridge beam.
Picture showing the top of the rafter nothced round the steel and ceiling collars

Small birds mouths with the end of the rafters trimmed to make fitting fasica easier
 The other side finishes into the existing wall, so a timber first had to be bolted along it (working out the height for this was quite tricky) and then the rafters cut to fit between.
Other side into the existing wall - supporting timber is bolted

Tight reversed type of birds mouth
Enjoyable roof again though. The outside details for fasica and bardge board are going to be difficult but I'll post about that when we do it. We've got the box gutter to put on tomorrow (where the roof meets the wall) before we start back on our large roof light installing the plastic frame.


  1. I'm looking forward to see your new roof. That roof will surely be stronger and lovelier when it's completed because of your undying passion to woodwork. Anyway, will you prefer to use shingles on your roof just like the completed ones?

  2. I think this roof will be stronger and it's look is really nice.


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