Friday, 6 July 2012

Roofing In The Rain

I was roofing today. This is normally good. It rained all day, non stop. This makes it bad.
Earlier in the week we had to strip a perspex roof off of an old potting/storage area of the house and all the old rafters.
The bricklayer then bedded us some new wall plates on yesterday (in sunshine I might add) so we could have the whole roof to ourselves today. It was raining when I woke up, it was still raining when I got to work and it hasn't let up yet as I'm writing this sat at home tonight.

Needless to say I got quite wet today. I had to resort to a red crayon like pencil to mark the rafters as normal pencils weren't showing up on the wet wood. We did do some of the cutting of the tops inside but as the new roof is sitting on very old walls none of the rafters are going to be the same lenght and each will have to be cut to a different measurement.
I was using two "waterproof" coats on rotation so one could dry out a bit while I got the other wet. Still on the bright side we got some rafters on today and lots more cut ready, hopefully it will be dryer next week and this roof can be the enjoyable job it should be!
Anyone else been working outside in this wet July we've been having so far?


  1. Sorry about all the rain, brother. I wish I could send you some of our hot and dry weather. Steve

  2. Hi Kev, I just stopped by to see if you had a new post. Is it still raining there? We are having high nineties and some days in the 100's . . . hot enough to be seeking out A/C.
    Maybe we should make a swap . . . a little rain for a little sunshine. Steve

  3. A swap sounds good, such a wet July and to make matters worse most of the work I've got is outside. At least its wet and warm though! No sign of it being a dry day anytime soon either. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I’m surprised that you were able to do some roof work despite the bad weather. Well, it looks like your roof is coming well together. The roof structure looks pretty neat and sturdy. But I would advise you to do the work on a good weather. The rain and the wet floors will make it hard for you to work and finish the roof.

  5. Well, I hope that your roof is all done by now. And I definitely agree with Anonymous. It would be best to tend to roofs on a sunny day. The rain would definitely make the job twice harder because of the water and wet the surroundings. It is also dangerous for you to work on such conditions. The best time is to do the work before the rainy season comes.

  6. I hope you were able to fix your roof properly, so you won’t have to redo it again. The next important thing to do now is to maintain your roof regularly, so you can make sure its good condition will last for years.

    1. It's not my roof it was for a customer! And yes it's done properly and will last a long time! Thanks for stopping by

  7. Whew! I can just imagine the ordeal you went through while working on the roof. I suggest that, next time, you wait for the rain to stop or before the rain season begins before you fix the roof. This is so you can avoid having such a hard time and you can protect yourself from accidents.


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