Friday 20 July 2012

Fitting A Large Light Well - Part 1

The second half of this week the other carpenter and myself have spent installing the frame work for a large light well that is going above the stairs.
We first had to cut into the flat roof and make a hole the right size. Below the roof a different carpenter had already installed the supports to take the extra weight of this roof light.
The roof before we started (well a little hole to get up)

The frame work was relatively straight forward. We set the laser level to make sure the top was bang on, as the roof itself is sloping, also getting the frame square was really important otherwise the roof light won't fit when it comes.

Frame work

Frame work making all sides level
 Once we finished the frame we covered it in 18mm WBP ply for the lead to be fixed to, we formed a box gutter at the back just below the ridge and added fillets all the way round so when new fibre glass is welded/glued on it's not such a steep bend.
Box gutter formed on the sloping side to allow for lead work afterwards

Light well plyed

Ready for the installation of the roof light and lead work next week
It's certainly a large addition to the roof but it adds so much light to what were otherwise a dark flight of stairs. I've never been asked to cut something like this into a roof before (plenty of normal sized skylights though) has anyone else?


  1. That looks like a nice challenging job Kev. Do you guy's do the leadwork ?

    1. Not sure who gets to so the lead work yet. It's been a while since I've done any though - although I made all my own lead working tools!

  2. Yes I have and ones that have been glazed on the sides as well as the top . Nice tidy job by the way .

    1. The roof light we've got to fit is plastic frame with coppered glass. Shouldn't be too hard to fit just difficult to get it all up there! glad it's not glazed sides as well as it would mean more glass to carry.
      Cheers for your comment


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