Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Punching Nails

An oak floor at the house I'm currently working at needs refinishing and blending with the new oak floor I laid in the kitchen.
My tools for the day
 The customer also wants all the cut nails filling (personally I like the nails showing like this). This unfortunately means than another chippy and myself have spent the whole day punching nails into the floor. I think if prisoners were given this type of labour they'd probably complain about their human rights!
Nails punched below the surface
By the end of the day my hands were beginning to feel the punishment of driving these large cut nails into the oak floor, one after the other. Some went easy but many took a lot of effort to get in.
Now the floor can be filled and sanded before a new finish is applied.


  1. We have reclaimed wood floors..we love the nails!
    Jane x

    1. I love old cut nails - which this floor has/had. still it's up to the customer

  2. floors are just hard work... hard on knees, hard on backs and hard on hands.

    1. My left hand was killing after a a day holding a punch and the next day I was stiff. Any job with too much repetition just makes you feel it!

  3. Hi Kev, Keeping a client happy means smiling and just doing it, even when it's goes against your opinions. I put up with that a lot in my line of work too. Having happy clients mean more business down the road :)
    I can imagine you needed something for back pain and a hot shower after that day's work.
    Come over and see what's happening with our boat restore . . . it's coming right along.

    1. I try to make sure the client always get what they want. My back was fine just my hands that were hurting!


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