Tuesday 18 June 2013

Radiator Bench

I finished off a bench over a radiator today.
 made out of sapele with storage underneath, it finishes off the porch nicely. It's going to have a dark stain applied to it and a brass socket where I've left the plastic back box.
The end section slides up to allow access to the soil pipe behind and the wire to the socket

Storage at one end, ideal for shoes etc. The other side lifts up to allow access to the radiator

Testing it out. Complete with Cheesy grin!
Quite pleased with this little project. It goes well with the feel of the room (the expensive tiles on the floor and the limestone window sills) and it's one of the first things people will see when they walk into this grand house.


  1. Kev, you do score some nice projects.... Wish more of the sort came my way instead of the fence building or rot repair kind.

  2. Another Tidy job Kev well done :)

  3. Hi Kev, I can tell that you are a perfectionist.
    Great job!
    Steve :)


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