Tuesday 4 June 2013

Shuttering For Footings

Had a good day today, something a little bit different from the final fitting we're doing in the house, building shuttering form work for the footings of the swimming pool.
 I can't take credit for all of this, as I've only worked on it one day, but it was good to be working out in the sunshine. I quite like shuttering, although I've not done much of it, I find it interesting to build the inverse of things to make the concrete look right when the shutters are removed.

We made sure we put in plenty of props as the weight of concrete can be surprising, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all stands up to the concrete pour we've got on Thursday.
I love the variety of work you have  to be able to do as a carpenter.


  1. All you can do is build them strong and hope they don't blow out when you pour.

    1. The pour went well. None of them moved, hard work but the footings look good now

  2. A man good at shuttering is worth his weight in gold on a concrete pouring project.


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