Sunday 30 June 2013

Shuttering Steps

Back on the swimming pool this weeks to build the form work for the steps into the pool.
The finished steps

Building the underside of the steps. There needs to be a void underneath for duct work

A side view of the shutters. I enjoyed putting this together as it's only the inside measurements that are critical

My work area was not great!  It was raining and the layer of sand we put down to protect the floor slab stuck to all my tools.
A picture showing some of the bracing for the strings and the two tie bars holding both sides to each other

The completed stutters. There is two layers of steel mesh tied together inside the form work
We mixed the concrete by hand. Here's Neil and Richard levelling off and vibrating the concrete

The completed stairs in the pools with the side shutters off
Finished job. We'll remove the underside shutters on Monday
Stripping the shutters off yesterday I was pleased with how these stairs turned out. I'm just looking forward to when we've got some water in the pool and I get to try them out for real!


  1. We call it "forming" over here. Looks like a job well done.

    1. Yeah we do call it form work here as well. Cheers gorges

  2. Nice work, Done some form work in my time but never had the chance to form stairs.

    1. Yeah this is my first proper set of steps. I've done some shuttering to alter the width of some steps before but nothing like this. I enjoyed it

  3. Hi Kev, Is there anything that you can't do? You are as handy as a pocket on a shirt. Not only can you build anything, but you build it well, First Rate!
    Come visit and check out our 4th of July photos. My wife and I took Gypsy Rose out for the day and the weather was perfect. We got some great photos.
    Have a great day and happy building. Steve

  4. Hey Kev, I'm the unknown comment above. I don't know what was going on with that. Steve

    1. Cheers Steve! I'll make sure I go over and have a look.


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