Wednesday 26 February 2014

Oak Frame Repair

A good few days work on this old oak frame repair, not very easy going as a lot of hand work to get it back to somewhere I could work from.
A large crack that had started to rot due to it being filled with concrete and the wood not being able to breath

Taking the bad wood back to good. I decided that as the upright would need two splices as well it was best to replace it at the same time.

Splicing in the top piece
Some of the bottom section chiselled out - this took a lot of work!

The completed repair

The bottom joint.
 I made the pegs on site as well.

A picture showing how heavily scribed the bottom piece is - I made a template first and then it fitted pretty easily (well for oak anyway)

The repair fits in nicely as the rest of the frame has had work done to it in the past. Once this greys with age you won't be able to tell when this repair was done.

Picture showing the whole frame
The customer seemed really please with the job and I've another repair to do on the frame lower down once the scaffold is dropped.


  1. Lovely work Kev - that shape looks akward to replicate. Did you offset the holes for the oak pins as you would in a new green oak frame?

    1. The shape was a pain! I made a template out of MDF as it's much eassier to work than oak!
      The holes were off set slightly where they joined for the upright to keep the joint nice and tight. As they were only really halfing joints I didn't offset it too much or it could pull it all out of line.

  2. Good work, Kev. Had they used old-fashioned lime mortar instead of concrete, it probably wouldn't have added to the problem.

    1. h that would have let it breathe so it would have been better. This was done in the 70s I think, concrete solved everything in the 70s!

  3. Really nice very tidy, kev you get a real variety of work down there !! :)

    1. Variety is one thing I do get! I never know what the next project is going to be so it keeps it interesting.


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