Friday 14 February 2014

Repairing An Old Door

Repaired an old door today.
Splicing in a lime block
After looking closely at the door I decided that it was lime, there are lime floor boarding the house so that's a clue and I could tell from the close even grain and the way it cut with the chisel. I did think at first it was elm but it was far too soft for that.
The corner had rotted away with woodworm so I chiseled this out and added a block off an old lime floorboard.
Gluing the block on
Carving the detail in.
 I then had to carry the moldings on across the new block. I did this with my carving chisels, it's good to use them as not much work calls out for them any more and luckily it's lime as its one of the best woods to carve. I was pleased with the finish and by the time it's oiled up it will look like a quality repair - not hidden from sight though as that's not being true to what you're doing to a three hundred year old door!


  1. Your carpentry skills never fail to amaze me, looks great!

  2. Very neat Kev , I hope you are high and dry where you are ! and not flooded out like the poor folks we see on the news :)

    1. No we're fine here. The bottom field is a bit wet but nothing to complain about really, it must be terrible and it'll take them so long to sort out.


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