Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well last year is not going to rate as one of my favorites ever but I'm looking forward to what this year can bring. Last year I struggled to come to terms with leaving site management but I know now that I'm happiest with a chisel in my left hand and a mallet in my right - so why fight it?
This has given me a sense of direction and I plan to be in a position to be able to be a little more particular about what I choose to do, including working more with the raw materials (e.g seasoning wood for turning and some rustic projects I have in mind) and hopefully work on some interesting projects that I can be proud of.
Anyway, I've sharpened my chisels, put a fresh coat of linseed oil on my tool handles and stripped and cleaned out my nail guns - I'm ready to start how I mean to go on.
Now then, who wants to hire a carpenter?

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