Saturday 8 January 2011

If I was a Butcher...

...Then this would be a sausage.
This weeks not been great, although I had some nice work Monday and Tuesday finishing an oak floor for Mum and Dad (it still needs one more coat of oil) the rest of the week has been spent doing building work on an industrial estate. Not too bad in itself but the site is used for a diesel generator centre so all the timber has dirt and oil all over.
One of my first jobs there was to build a reception desk out of the worst 2x2 rough saw timber you've ever seen (hence my reference to sausages) and then clad it in ply, to be fair when it was clad it didn't look too bad and then I had the idea of getting the carpet fitter to cover it in carpet it looked even better. Quite a cheap reception desk for them in the end.
On a different note work isn't exactly flooding in at the moment so I've got to decide whether to keep doing work for builders (and start calling a few) or to start advertising for my own work. Too many decisions in this world! Ideas on a postcard please...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Avalti even when your doing the less challenging jobs. You still pick up new contacts and meet people that might have some more interesting work for you. The good jobs will come. Bri:)


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