Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mobile Workshop

I've gone mobile!
I've decided that the best way to use the space I've got in my workshop is to make everything move.
My planner-thicknesser already had a mobile base that I brought for it years ago, it works really well. I can tuck it in a corner when not in use (or under the mitre saw work bench I made the other day which still needs a top).
So I decided to go the next step and buy 2 more Axminster mobile bases for my morticer and bandsaw, this way I can push them up to the wall when not in use and have the middle area for assembly of larger projects when needed. I've been working on a large gate/outside door this weekend and so far having these machines mobile has been great (I think it will encourage me to keep the floor well swept so they move easily - not a bad thing).
Now if I could just sort out an extraction system better than a tub and a shovel...


  1. May be you should consider a mobile dust extractor that you could use as a big vacuum cleaner. Co blog by the way.

  2. Cheers Geoff,
    The website you suggested has got some good extractors on it - I feel a bit guilty though as I've already got a wall mounted one - I just haven't got round to setting it up yet! I need to buy some pipes and flexable hose. I suppose I've only got myself to blame for my lungs being full of dust!
    Your blog is interesting, what a different way of life you have down there! It must be great to live with so much space around you.


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