Sunday 9 January 2011

A Unit for our Kitchen

This is a little job I did over the Christmas break but only fitted on Thursday night due to how long the old paint I used took to dry!
Our kitchen is small and very short on space, so my idea was to build a cheap lattice/shelf unit type thing to house Kilner jars to hold all of our store cupboard ingredients (oats, rice, pasta, etc).
For cost I made it out of one sheet of MDF (£10 from Magnet - really cheap and they gave me a free t-shirt!(I also walked out with his pen by accident an unintentional bonus!)) and some paints I already had (although I wish I brought some new gloss as it wouldn't dry!).

It's really simple construction, I trench cut with my little 1/4" router where the shelves crossed into the sides and then it's held together using a good glue and a few pins. Trench cutting using the guide clamp I've got is so easy - but I think the last time I used it was when I converted a ambulance into a camper van (but more of that another time). The back is just rebated into the unit and the two end panels were cut to fit over the skirting. It glued and clamped together really easily.
I sealed it before painting (anyone who uses MDF knows this is essential), I'm sure the finish would have been better if it had dried faster (less dust to sit on it) or if I had used a spray gun instead of a brush (I think I need to build a shed to finish my projects in!)[Looks quite good with the jars in place and our new retro scales]

I think I might build something similar for the utility area and for storing shoes under the stairs as its so cheap with MDF and quite easy to clean once painted (I'll buy new paint though!).

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