Friday 14 January 2011

More Work Benches

I've had a nice couple of days making some work benches this week (amount other things). A bit bigger than the ones I built before, this time they're 5.3m long one way and 4.3m long the other.
[The corner where the benches are to be placed and my mitre saw set up and waiting]

[The frame in construction]

I was told that it has to be strong as heavy generators and engines would be taken apart on them. I settled on making it out of 4x4 legs with and 8x2 top rail, the rest of the frame being made out of 4x2 (all halving jointed together) with 4 lengths of 8x2 as a thick top.
[The finished bench - not a great picture but it was getting dark]
This is a seriously solid bench (It is also bolted to the wall) and the guy I'm working for came over and slapped his hands on the top of the bench and said "Thats it - Now your sucking on the right teat!" (a bit vulgar but it made me laugh).

1 comment:

  1. Nice i have just got some new work benches to help out will my garage refurbishment. Have you ever used any of the esd workbenches, I have never used them but i go to say im well impressed.


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