Sunday 28 November 2010

More green wood turning

My green wood turning went quite well the other night but the only way to get better is to practice.
This Thursday night I turned another goblet (and without being too boastful I got top of the class) and on Saturday I turned another in my quite cold shed (even with the heating on full).
I'm managing to get them quite thin and even but I'm not completely happy with the finish. it's a shame I can't sand them but its good practice to get a good finish straight from the tool. I think I need to experiment more to get a better shape
[A fresh Beech log to turn with, nice and wet]

[The log mounted on my chuck I turned at quite a fast speed]

[The first goblet]

[The second goblet]

I have applied linseed oil to both as a finish instead of drying them in the microwave. I've been told that the oil drives out the moisture and should prevent them cracking as they dry as well as giving them a nice colour.

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