Sunday 21 November 2010

Tool sale

Its been a while since I've been to an auction so I was quite looking forward to the tool and wood auction in Ledbury.
I arrived late as the chickens were trying to make a bid for freedom so I had to sort them out first, that meant I missed most of the wood being sold, but most of it was far to big to put into my little van anyway. There was some lovely big elm planks about 5ft wide and 8ft long that went for £140 each - bargain as they can't grow them like that anymore - make someone a lovely table. The only wood I wish I bid on was a box of walnut blanks for turning, but I couldn't get at them to see it and I wasn't going to bid blind.
I met up with my wood turning teacher, Chris, and we made sure we weren't going to bid on the same things.
In the end I only brought a box of bits and bobs. It looked like rubbish but I saw it came with three different sized boxes for making large screw threads, I've always wanted some of these but they're normally far too expensive to buy unless you've got a paying job for them. Now maybe one day I can make my own tail vice from scratch!
This little box cost me £25 when my fees were added on, one of those screw thread boxes is about £30 so I was quite pleased (there was even an old invoice in the box from 1977).
I was even more please when I got home and sorted through the rest of the box to find lots of waxes, dyes, filler sticks, polishes and sealers. Some had dried up but most was fine. Also there was a wire tightened picture frame clamp chucked in for good measure.
A great addition to my collection of finishes. I think I need to build somewhere safe and lockable to store them all though.

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